Countdown to the Warning/ Fr. Esper/ Part 4/end of article

Posted: January 7, 2010 in Countdown to the Warning/ Fr. Esper/ Part 4/end of article

This is the final part of this report by Fr. Esper. Here he has laid out some great advice on what we should do before and after the Warning. It's extremely important that we read these suggestions, especially what to do after!
Bless us all+
Deacon John

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What preparations can we make for the Warning? First of all, we must be
personally ready. This means in or being restored to a state of
grace---something we should already be doing. If we're aware of serous sin, or
if it's been a while since our last Confession, now is the time to receive the
Sacrament; this will make our experience of the Warning much easier. We might
specially pray to be ready and open to God's personal message to us during the
Warning, so as to see our faults and to understand and remember exactly what we
need to do to overcome them. If we use it as such, the Warning can be a major
boost or assist in our own personal quest for holiness.

We should also make plans to assist our family members, relatives and
friends, and fellow parishioners once the Warning has occurred. Many people will
be in a state of "spiritual shock," trying to make sense of a very frightening and spiritually upsetting experience. They'll need our assistance and
support--so now is the time to begin stockpiling useful or necessary items to
distribute: religious books, simple written descriptions of the Warning and
reassurances of God's mercy, video and audio cassettes on religious themes,
holy cards, rosaries, scapulars, medals, catechisms, prayer books, and other
such materials and resources. (Some of these things might be ordered through
this magazine, Signs & Wonders- -- or obtained from Tan Books
Publishers, the Mary Foundation, or available at your local religious goods

A locutionist in Connecticut received a message in 1996 stating that when
the Warning occurs, Mary's children will recover quickly from their shock, and
must then go to their parishes to assist their pastors minister to the large
crowds of people who, in their confusion and fear, will be seeking help from the
Church. Therefore, when the time comes, immediately head for your church and
begin ministering to people in whatever way you can. (It will probably be
impossible to reach anyone at you parish office by phone immediately after the
Warning--so simply go there directly and, if you get the chance, ask how you
can help; if there's no one in authority to ask, let the Holy Spirit guide you.)
You might distribute the religious items and materials you've acquired in
advance, or offer words of greeting to those coming to the church, or express
words of reassurance to those waiting in line for Confession'; you might also
direct those who've just received the Sacrament to a sign-in sheet, for having a
list of everyone who comes to church (especially all the inactive Catholics, and
those who've never registered in the parish) will facilitate follow-up efforts
in the weeks and months to come. Many people may fall back into their religious
indifference unless the parish conducts some sort of outreach; this can involve
study groups, adult catechism classes, sacramental preparation programs for
children, prayer meetings, and other similar events. Start thinking now about
how you might be involved in these efforts, and begin gathering the necessary
resources; if possible, work together with a few friends or fellow parishioners
who share your beliefs on this subject. Your pastor will be extremely busy after
the Warning, and chances are he'll welcome your offer to help in whatever way
you can--especially if you've done some advance planning and preparation.


In addition to preparing for the Warning, there are also things we should be
doing for our own spiritual growth and protection, and in response to Heaven's
many messages calling for prayer and penance. We should consecrate our families
and homes to the Hearts of Jesus and Mary, pray the Rosary every day, go to
Confession regularly, attend Mass and receive Communion a least once a week (and
more often than that, if possible); foster a devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary
and other saints; fast or perform some other act of penance at least once a
week, for the conversion of sinners, for the salvation of the dying, and for the
safety and well being of the Holy Father and of all members of the Church.
Prayer changes things, and we may still have time to lessen or delay some of the
minor chastisements expected before the Warning occurs.

A final note: Because we are God's children, we needn't fear anything; as
St. Paul reminds us, nothing can separate us from Christ's love (cf. Rom.
8:38-39) Therefore, we are able to look to the future in a trusting spirit.
Through the prophet Jeremiah, the Lord announced, "I know well the plans I have
in mind for you, says the Lord, for your welfare, not for woe! plans to give you
a future full of hope" (29:11). According to St. Paul, "hope will not leave
us disappointed, because the love of God has been poured out in our hearts
through the Holy Spirit Who has been given to us" (Rom. 5:5). Our openness to
the Holy Spirit's guidance and protection will make all the difference--whether
it's in regard to the scandals and difficulties the Church is experiencing., the
shock of the Warning and other prophesied events, or our own daily struggles and
disappointments. All things work for the good of those who love God (cf. Rom.
8:28) --and so we know that all the events now unfolding can ultimately lead us
to an everlasting experience of love and peace and joy.


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