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The Communions given by the Angel to Conchita at the Pines, on May 16 and 26, were another proof of the extent to which, in Garabandal, there is an essential link between the Eucharist and the Priesthood.

As a complement to what has already been pointed out, may we add here that St. Simon Stock, whose Feastday falls on May 16, received the “rule of the Carmelites” in Palestine, from St. Albert of Jerusalem.

As to St. Philip Neri, whose Feast was celebrated on May 26, he founded his famous Oratory at the end of the sixteenth century; an exceptional example of Marian piety and cheerful holiness, he advocated frequent Communion, even for children, and was even so consumed body and soul, by the fire of the Holy Spirit, that after his death, physicians performing his autopsy discovered that his heart was . . . split open!

(In the church of Garabandal, one can contemplate two central themes in the apparitions: the pelican sculptured on the door of the tabernacle being one of them, the other being quite properly the lamb.)
[From ‘Garabandal’ Book, page 133]

It’s interesting how these “Communions”, given by the Angel are connected to certain Saints’ Feast Day. Of course, at Garabandal, Our Lady appeared as Our Lady of Mount Carmel, holding out the Brown Scapular. St. Simon Stock was the Saint who received the revelation about the Scapular and it’s many graces attached to those who wear it. I for one, wear a Brown Scapular and never take it off, even in the shower! I firmly believe in its promise that “those clothed in this Scapular will never suffer the pains of hell.” Do you wear one? Why not?

I remember years ago, in a church in New York, there were these tiles with the pelican on them. I never could figure that out until one day I read about the symbolism regarding it. The pelican-in-her-piety is based on the legend that in times of famine, the mother pelican opens her breast and feeds her young on her own blood. The Church uses this to represent Christ’s voluntary sacrifice of atonement; He shed his Precious Blood to save us from eternal death!
Precious Blood of Jesus, save us!
Deacon John


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