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Amazing photo of Conchita levitating!

For Conchita as well, the great period of the apparitions came to an end on that day. She would have no more ecstasies, except in a very sporadic way. On this Sunday, also the Feast of San Sebastian, Patron Saint of the village, Conchita, in ecstasy, visited the last house of Garabandal that had not yet been visited! Doctor Jean Caux, who then was present, said that this ecstasy lasted more than two hours. for him it was one of “the most beautiful ecstasies I ever witnessed!”
[From ‘Garabandal’ Book. page 163]

And so this stage of the “Events” of Garabandal has ended, and a new time begins, as we shall see in further posts that some of the girls started to receive locutions, where Jesus and Mary talk to them interiorly, privately. This is like a one to one conversation with the supernatural. Many Saints experienced locutions and wrote volumes of books on their revelations . . .

Conchita said once that she would rather have a locution over an apparition, cause then she has God inside her talking. Very interesting!
Deacon John


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