Fr. Ramon Andreu’s Notes: Part Three, Post 21

Posted: February 13, 2013 in Uncategorized

The Calls

The phenomena of the calls or touches that begin the ecstasies, are given to the girls in the following way: generally we can say that they are always three calls:

― They can have them at the same time when they’re together.

― They can have them around the same time, but not exactly, when they’re together.

― They can have them at the same time when they’re separated.

― They can all have them, or only one girl, or two, or three, or all four.

In the calls they don’t hear words. They insist that they are within and do not have words. In the trance they hear syllabic words, including those whose meaning they do not know.

They don’t see anything in the calls; during the trance they see light, people, etc.

These are the three principle differences.

The meaning of the calls:

The word “call” has surged from the girls who say this:

“The Virgin hasn’t called me today.”

“Today she called me.”

“I have had one call, two, etc. They said goodbye: ‘Until tomorrow.’”

The third call represents a difference between the first two calls that begin it and end in ecstasy. It grows. The girls can warn that the third gives a certain margin of time, as they said on one occasion: “Father, you have time for one more lines.” I was writing, and that’s how much I wrote.

Other times they say: “Father, we’ve had two and a half.” This “half” is the beginning of the third.

The girls didn’t tell anyone that they had calls except their parents, priests, etc. when they asked.

From the third call they pass into the trance.

  1. jack Gielen says:

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  2. jack Gielen says:

    I believe the coming of Christ has to occur within as a theophany or manifestation of christ .To many Christians speak of the event as going to happen.Why would Christ come back for an apostate church and world.Therefore there has to be chastisement and judgment ie the warning.In terms of the sign and miracle a mass aparition and a miraculous worldwide light there are to few mystics and saints in the world living in such a state of Christ Conciousness to make this happen.Surely this is a wake up call to all of us

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