Fr. Ramon Andreu’s Notes: Part Three, Post 27

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  To Fr. Arama, by telephone—on a day in September 1961

1st — Small crucifix on a rosary, lost on August 15th and found on September 5th.

2nd—María Cruz is not called until Monday.

3rd—There will be a miracle, but we don’t know what or when.

4th—Fr. Luís spoke. The rosary was sung through the houses.

5th—The seers act as mediators for others.

6th—There was a vision in the pines at 2:30.

7th —The girls’ security.

8th—They play hide and go seek with the Virgin.

9th—The people present are persecuted. The Virgin told them: “You already see the laugh, they persecute the priests, making them fall.”

10th —During the whole vision there was something religious.

11th —The Virgin has told them when they go to speak with Her that they should not wear rings or necklaces. As a result, Conchita took off her necklaces. If they have a ring in their hands or on their fingers that was given to them by another person, they throw it when they have the call.

12th—The Virgin does not want them to ask about certain things in the visions; they can only ask about things that have to do with spirituality.

13th—She asked if the American who lived in Madrid believed in God and she responded that yes, and in the Virgin? And she said “very little, but he will believe.” (He was Protestant).

14th—A little known man who gave a crucifix through a third person had it returned directly to him with the girl’s back to him.

15th—Luís told the girls that her niece was there and that Ramón had her seated on his knees and they had laughed a lot.

16th—In one of the visions they asked if she wanted to see their dolls and the vision said that “it wasn’t the time for dolls.”

17th—About twenty people were there when the seer began to make the sign of the cross in front of everyone and made it to the Andreu family, including Fr. Ramón; when this happened, we were surprised.

18th—An older man (Mayagray) knelt and asked for the conversion of his son-in-law. The girl came near him and said: “Yes.”

19th—They told José Mari that he came from Caracas. (These things took place on September 4th and 5th).

20th—They bless everyone except for one who was the only one who had blessed himself in the morning. They asked and it was true. 21st—They visit the sick to give them the crucifix to kiss.

22nd—They pray the “Oh, My Jesus” and to the young children they pray the Salve.

  1. Jack Gielen says:

    Its wonderful to see the paupers pope taking a stand against right wing fascism as the military dictatorship in Argintena during the mid seventies exterminated between 10000 to 30000 left wing freedom fighters and during the second world war it was the left wing freedom fighters who defeated Hitler Franco and musellini.It seems to me corporate power and greed is the new communist enemy in the world.What does our Lady have to say about this?.There seem to be complex religio political issues facing all of us with the the enemy being within.I had a dream the other night this beautiful lady was lying on this hard bench dressed in white.she had a multicoloured hairpiece on and her face changed from a disfigured one to a beautiful one.I said to her you have a beautiful countenance she just smiled back at me and i responded by saying i was a sinful man. i dont know if this was my higher self an angel or someone else. It would seem i am dealing with some horrible realities in the demonic circus of life and need to see Gods face in everything trancending it all.I would like to recieve some feedback to my write ups as i gauge my own experience by what others are going through as well.Yours Truely Jack Gielen

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