The Great Miracle Month

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The Great Miracle Month –



All the evidences below are recorded and confirmed.

The Great Miracle month: APRIL ?

1st Evidence 1983 recorded :

From the book” Miracle at Garabandal” from Harry Daley

The Great Miracle Month -

Chapter 9

On one visit I asked her (to Conchita) a couple of things about the Miracle. My most frequent question, of course, is “When will it be?” With a smile comes her usual reply:


While we are talking about the Miracle, you mentioned that Garabandal is no mystery to you. It is simple: either it happened or it didn’t, and the Miracle will prove that. But a mystery was made when I gave some of the events that would correspond with the great Miracle; I suppose I did this myself. What I was trying to do was not to have people coming to Garabandal long before it was going to happen. There is just no need for it. There wouldn’t even be a place for them or enough food. I’d like to give the date and get it over with, but I am not allowed and I am sure the Virgin knows best. I will also tell you that it is going to happen either in April or May. So, if the Warning came in June, people would never expect the great Miracle in July. I cannot tell you how far apart the Warning and the Miracle will be, since I do not know when the Warning will occur.* *(A conclusion can safely be drawn here that Conchita certainly would not have the people come if the Warning happened more than a calendar year before.)

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