The Great Miracle, a Jesuit connection ?

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The Great Miracle, a Jesuit connection ? –

20 June 2013

1. Father Luis Maria Andreu : The Jesuit Priest of Garabandal

The name of this Jesuit priest will forever be linked to the history of Garabandal. Of all priests, was Fr. Luis Andreu singled out to be the priest who saw the Great Miracle, On that day of August 8th 1961, he was able to view beforehand, by a most singular favor of the Virgin and Heaven, what neither the visionaries nor anyone else has as yet seen, The Garabandal Great Miracle, in the morning of the 09th August 1961, he went to Heaven with Joy.
Today is the happiest day of my life !
A simple Priest, A Jesuit, has been chosen by Heaven to see the Great Miracle, not the seers, not a faithful, not a Nun, not a Bishop, not a Cardinal, not a Theologian, not a priest from an other order or even an unbeliever…..etc….NO….. A Jesuit Priest only and so what?

2. What The Virgin Wanted from Priests?

Conchita’s answer on July 29th 1967 to a young French Priest (from the Book “she went in haste to the mountain”) :

  1. His own sanctification, fulfilling his vows for the love of God
  2. Leading many souls by example and prayer…….
  3. To be Sacrificed out of love for souls in Christ
  4. That at times he retire in silence to the God who speaks to him constantly
  5. That he meditates frequently on the passion of Jesus…..
  6. To Speak of Mary, who is the most secure way to lead us to Christ
  7. To Speak about and make people believe that if there is a Heaven, there is also a hell.

What most pleases God ? Humility
What most displeases God ? the sin of Pride
The Pope will see the Miracle from wherever he is at the time………3 Popes and the end of Times…….(but 1 will not count because of his short reign, John Paul I has been Pope for 33 Days only……For your information, Conchita had never confirmed this fact and the 4 Popes rumor officially, as Bastiano confirmed it to me few days ago and we must respect the main seer before anyone else or rumors in any case… I take alone and front of God, the responsibility of this rumor on my blog and may our Lady of Garabandal forgive me)…………..Paul VI, John Paul II, Benedict XVI……..1, 2, 3…..

3. Pope Francis : The First Jesuit Pope in History

On March 13th 2013, Pope Francis has been elected as the new Vicar of our Lord, he is also the first Jesuit Pope in history, The surprise election of Pope Francis came about because of a series of supernatural “signs”, one of the leading Cardinals in the Roman Catholic Church has claimed, first none European Pope in 1300 years, known for his Humility, love for our Lady and Poor, few days after his election only, Pope Francis asked the consecration of his pontificate to our Lady of Fatima, done 2 months later on May 13th 2013.
My Comment : So is Pope Francis, the first Jesuit Pope in history, the Pope who will see the Garabandal Great Miracle ?as Father Andreu the Jesuit Priest was the first to have seen it, no one know it but it’s my conviction and why ?
with Heaven Coincidences do not exist, if our Lord had chosen a Jesuit Priest between all the Priest to be the first Priest to see the Great Miracle could not be a coincidence, so it’s my conviction, if the first Jesuit Pope in history has been elected in 2013 cannot a be coincidence, so it’s also my conviction, if a number of Popes has been gave by our Lady before the end of times cannot be a coincidence, so it’s again my conviction, if a Pope will see the Great Miracle from wherever he is, cannot be another coincidence, so it’s still my conviction.
A Pope has been already chosen by Heaven for the biggest Great event since the birth of our Lord, so if a new Pope who is known for his humility, his love for our Lady and Poor has been elected in 2013 after an incredible resignation cannot be yet another coincidence then it’s also and finally my last conviction.
Speculation, nonsense, coincidence? Maybe, not in my opinion but not in my opinion only.

Pope Francis, the first Jesuit Pope in history



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