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Bastiano, an exclusive Interview –

June 22nd 2013 (translate from French to English by Aviso)

1. Hello Bastiano, can you briefly introduce yourself and tell us what are your links with Garabandal?

Hello Aviso, born on February 8th, Feast of the Heart of Mary, 62 years, my links with Garabandal began in 1971, when in the army in Germany, my mother designated by Father Laffineur as the right hand of Father De Bailliencourt in 1969, asked me to be an apostle of Garabandal and did sent me a copy of the Prophecies about the warning, the miracle and chastiment to distribute around me. I often accompanied my mother in her apostolate for Garabandal and its pilgrimages thereafter, and I am currently the heir of the Garabandal archives which the originals were given to Bishop Del Val who brought them to Rome, to the Sacred Congregation for the Doctrine of Faith, which Cardinal Radzinger was the head. I am in touch with Don Rolando, the current Priest of Garabandal, more closely since 2011 when I learned that the church of the village was in danger, I called him to offer him my help and to inform all the websites online linked to Garabandal, what I did.

2. Do you know the “seers” of Garabandal, did you meet them?
I know the Garabandal seers of course, I knew Jacinta quiet well as my mother invited her to our home in Garabandal and I join her to Santander to meet the bishop who was Bishop Del Val at this time. I regularly see her in the village.

I know Mari Cruz having met her in the village, I often spoke to her mother Pilar who gave to mine a cross containing a relic of Our Lord, kissed by the Blessed Virgin, a cross we were giving to be kissed by the pilgrims.

I did not knew Loli directly, or met her, I know very well of course her sister Sari.

Finally Conchita, I met her when I accompanied my mother to New York, they were like sisters and my Mother was also the Godmother of one of her daughters. I also met Conchita in Fatima few years ago, I can call her whenever I want and when it’s necessary, she has also my contacts, our relations are excellent.

3. You told me that you talked to Conchita by phone recently, can you give us some news?
Yes I talk to Conchita few days ago by phone to have some news from her and from her family, she was very well and her family too but I will ask to all of you to pray for her and her family, as for Jacinta and Mari Cruz who need our prayers.

4. Could you make an own update regarding the Garabandal Prophecies and do you think that we are still far from the fulfilling of the Prophecies?
As you can see, the disasters, the global situation, the persecutions, the crisis in the Church, shows that we approach every day to the conclusion, and more than ever I want to say that we must be in a state of Grace, if it’s not yet the case and to put also into practice more than ever the messages given at Garabandal by our Lady.

5. Do you have any opinion about Medjugorje and what do you think about those who are linking Garabandal and Medjugorje ?
I know very well what happened in Medjugorje and I read all the investigations about this Apparition, I never been there, Garabandal summarizes for me all the apparitions as the Garabandal apparations are eschatological. to reply to your question about those who are linking Garabandal and Medjugorje, I can tell you that there is not any link, Father Laffineur, pioneer of Garabandal said it formally, we do not have to mix X or Y with the events of Garabandal. On this subject I learned that some supporters of Medjugorje were the authors regarding a rumor that we could see the miracle in Medjugorje as some other people or false prophets (how else to call them …) are also saying it! I am telling it formally that these people mislead souls … the Miracle will be seen in Garabandal and from the surrounding mountains, those who will not be in Garabandal that day will not be able to see the Great Miracle.

6. Do you think we can talk seriously about Garabandal without being in Garabandal ?
I think many talk about Garabandal because of the books they have read on the subject but many also do not believe in Garabandal anymore, as the main members of the Commission had rendered their judgment virtually without visiting the village and had questioned everyone except the main witnesses were badly mistaken, and with them the Bishop and the faithful, it would be good for people who seek the Truth to go to the village as their testimony thereafter will be more authentic. Garabandal is the Carmel, Our Lady came to show us the way and to follow her messages but many lost their time in vain researches … As Conchita said, there is no point to believe in Garabandal if we do not puts the messages into practice.

7. What do you think about the New Pope Francis, do you have any opinion ?
I think that the new Bishop of Rome, with his voluntarily wish to not sit at St. Peter, Jesuit as the Jesuit Padre Luis Andréu, corresponds to a specific agenda of Rome and we will discover the reason quiet soon so I am waiting for his actions, and I think we should be cautious regardless of that, under this pontificate many surprises can happen, hoping they will not be bad.

8. Do you have any other private and unknown revelations for us Garabandalist that you could tell us exclusively for this Blog?

You know I do not like that, regarding Garabandal, especially for those who focuses on the wonderful side, we had already many signs like those showing photos and videos of the girls in ecstasy and it should be sufficient proving that something supernatural happened to convert and it is the purpose of the coming of Our Lady of Mount Carmel in Garabandal, to convert. Well I may add a little unknown story about Mari Cruz, one Day Pillar her Mother seeing her daughter crying not to see the Virgin decide to come down from the Pines on her knees .. her daughter Mary Cruz reciting the rosary next to her … a few days later the Holy Virgin appeared to her … the lesson is that parents by some sacrifices can get a lot for their children .. at least that’s my conclusion …

9. A word about Joey Lomangino, due to his age now we should be close to the Prophecies, what do you think ?
About Joey, I think it is not a question of age, if the miracle had already taken place, we’ll never talk about his age, don’t you think so? The prophecy about him is important as a result of the Miracle, and that day, many will have new eyes, if you understand what I mean?
So Joey is therefore an instrument, but the prophecy concerning the Aviso and the Miracle, in my opinion, do not depend of him but of the state of the world and loss of consciousness of God and sin.

10. What do you think about this blog and can you remind us yours?
This blog that you started must serve as a springboard to improve knowledge of the facts of Garabandal and to alert your readers of the urgency of conversion, he must serve the souls to discover that the best works of the Holy Virgin, their love for their religion grows and I’ll end with these words from Conchita: “Who loves Garabandal, loves the Church …”
Words to meditate in these days of darkness on the horizon.

The Link of my humble blog is below and I thank you in promoting it:



My Comment : thank you Bastiano, Bastiano is the son of Mrs Bocabeille well known in the village and by the seers, Mrs Bocabeille is with God now and was buried in Garabandal (attached picture), she is the only non Spanish who rest in Peace in the village, an honor reserved to her only.



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