3 Times a Day

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3 Times a Day – garabandalnews.overblog.com.


26 Juin 2013

3 Times a Day

Many mails of tiredness, many have been waiting for so long, many are sick as well, some do not believe anymore, some other faithful are already dead…..etc…..

Yes I know, you have wait since years now but stay strong, the last line will be the most difficult, the way to the Great Miracle but let me remember you this Testimony from Joey Lomangino :


I was at home recuperating, when I was awakened from a sleep and heard a beautiful voice: “Joey, do you want your eyesight back?” “Yes, I do.” “Then pray seventeen Hail Marys, seven Acts of Contrition, and five Our Fathers, three times a day.” Then I fell back to sleep. When I awoke I told my mother what had taken place. She said that maybe it was an angel or the Blessed Mother and she told me to say the prayers. I have said them from that day on.

17 Hail Marys

7 Acts of Contrition

5 Our Fathers




One day, in March of 1964, while in Garabandal, I hesitated to ask Conchita a question which was on my mind. I did not want Conchita to think that I was a bit strange — thinking I was having visions or anything like that. I related the story about the voice I had heard when I was home in bed recuperating and the dream I had after the fall in the blind school. She said, “I will ask the Virgin.”

On April 1, 1964, my Spanish neighbor translated a letter which I received from Conchita, dated March 19. It began this way.:

“Dear Joey,

Today in a locution at the pines, the Virgin told me to tell you, ‘The voice you heard was hers.’ And that you would receive new eyes on the day of the great Miracle. Also, that the house of charity which you will establish in New York will bring great glory to God.”

From the Book “Miracle at Garabandal”

My Comment : did someone has wait more than Joey ? I don’t think so, 87 Prayers a day told him our Lady in 1948 but who is able to Pray 87 Prayers a day, none of us so if Joey can wait, you and me must AND will wait, be patient as all is between the lines.


Blessed is your Name Joey


  1. karenmlyons says:

    Hi Joey
    I was just reading about you and St. Pio, Mother Mary, and your special prayers. I would love if you would pray for our intentions please, I have one son and two daughters, and all who has passed away related to me. I think the most important issue is for my son and daughters to get confessions and go to Mass more. I also have a friend with cancer, and all my friends please, I would like if you prayed for all my family please. If you see Conchita please ask her as I were in a accident when I were a child, I was told I died and came back to life, I always believe I seen Mother Mary, and I went through the tunnel of light where you understand everything all at once. if Mother Mary Appears to her again will she ask her for me, did I really see Mother Mary, and were they Angels singing “Holy Holy is the Lord God Almighty”, tell Mother Mary I said thank you also please. Amen

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