The Years of Truth? Update

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The Years of Truth ? –

The Years of Truth ?

2 Juillet 2013

1st Evidence:

Father Turner – Historian of Garabandal

The Miracle will occur on a Thursday at 8.30 Pm between the 07th and the 17th (both excluded) of the month in March, April or May.

1st indication: As indicated on this blog we have 3 clear Evidences that the Great Miracle month is APRIL

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This article was one of the most read on this blog, since my return from Garabandal, I’d like to add this update, the Warning and the Great Miracle could be very close each other, if it is the case (ONLY) then I recommend everyone to travel the next day of the Warning to Garabandal directly and by all the possible ways, you MUST be in Garabandal for the Great Miracle and don’t hesitate to bring your families as well, especially sick people as you know it already.

I will also recommend, especially for our Brothers from the USA, Canada and Australia and for families with small budgets, to start NOW and if possible, to save the necessary amount to buy your travel tickets when the D Day will be announced by Conchita (to buy after the warning ONLY) as it could be quiet expansive for some families with many members, you must also have your Passports updated (5 Years would be perfect), it’s very important but again and to be clear, Conchita herself will be able to announce the exact Date of the Great Miracle 8 days in advance, as we all know it and we must Respect the wish of Heaven in any case.

I have created this Blog for YOU ONLY, despite different threats but due to some confidences and especially since my wedding and last trip in Garabandal, I will keep my promise to our Lady of Garabandal until the end, You must be in Garabandal for the Great Miracle despite all the rumors, lies and I don’t know what linked to Garabandal, you may have to read here and there, especially from medias or even from our Church, different news against Garabandal especially close to the events but please stay strong in any way , what you will see in the Village from Heaven the D Day will help you as your families, especially the future generations, your Children, to resist to the difficult years on the way before the years of Peace promised by our Lady in Fatima.

I’ll like also to add 2 important keys for the next months, especially for the next Year, RUSSIA AND THE CONSECRATION OF RUSSIA.

May our Mother forgive me, if I have not been perfect or if I have not been strong enough to be clearer, I also count on your Prayers.

Please remember, all my articles are my opinion and my opinion only, any copies of one of my articles must have a link of this blog, thank you again for your understanding and for your support.


All is inside and be sure !


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