Fasting and Consecration

Posted: September 3, 2013 in Uncategorized

WHAT IS GARABANDAL?: Fasting and Consecration.

Fasting and Consecration –

Pope Francis has called for a worldwide day of fasting and prayer for peace on Sept. 7. His global strike for peace will beat Obama’s military strike by two days at least.

After his administration made the case for an attack on Syria, Obama decided to hold off on any action until Congress is back in session — which is Sept. 9 according to the current schedule.
The Holy Father set our day of prayer for the vigil of the date of Our Lady’s Nativity — the birthday of the Queen of Peace — and delivered an impassioned plea for peace in Syria.
“With utmost firmness, I condemn the use of chemical weapons. I tell you that those terrible images from recent days are burned into my mind and heart,” he said. “There is the judgment of God, and also the judgment of history, upon our actions from which there is no escaping.”
Then he delivered a message meant for the West. In an uncharacteristic shout, he said: “War brings on war! Violence brings on violence!”
This forceful rejection of war is characteristic of the great popes we have seen recently: Pope John Paul II, Pope Benedict XVI and now Pope Francis.
For one thing, it is Catholicism 101, from the Catechism: “All citizens and all governments are obliged to work for the avoidance of war.” But these popes have also seen in their personal lives the truth of those words: “War brings on war” and “violence brings on violence.”

Fasting and Consecration

My Comment : I suggest to any of our Readers to fast as requested by Pope Francis on Sept 07th and to Pray for Peace in Syria, it’s very important for all of us.
I am also obliged to add and you all here already know my positon, the Consecration of Russia is the main Key for the peace in this world and it’s urgent, so in my opinion the next important date for our Pope will be on October 13th (see in October, Fatima our last chance article), so with confidence and responsability, I Pray again and again our current Pope who loves our Lady so much, to finally make it despite all the possible difficulties here and there.
Some important details regarding the false friends of our Lady (it’s not a big number despite what they think, the proof, a Consecration of Russia by a Pope will be done at the end and again not a false Pope, our Lady said the HOLY FATHER, should be CLEAR enough, so the false friends of our Lady are a few number but with important positions at least this is what they think, their important positions for the moment have allowed them a delay of the Consecration of 55 years only), in my opinion the departure of the ex-secretary of State is already a good news and may indicates that the Consecration is to a hand, I don’t know personally the new Secretary but I enjoyed his speech regarding his appointment by the Pope.
But on the other hand, we also know and from our Lady directly, that the Holy Father will consecrate Russia but it will be late, the sentence but it will be late may mean during a war and maybe after the Garabandal Warning but it’s my opinion only, I base my opinion mainly on some indirect confidences from Malachi Martin linked to the 3rd Secret of Fatima and of the situation of the World (from some confidences known by few only but unfortunately unverifiable and private only) before the Warning.
So I will fast on Sept 07th for the Peace in Syria but I will also continous to Pray for the Consecration, hopeful but realistic.



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