1 Question and 1 Answer

Posted: October 16, 2013 in Uncategorized

1 Question and 1 Answer – garabandalnews.overblog.com


1 Question and 1 Answer

It’s now your thread, due to a big number of emails, comments, questions….etc…I decided to open this Thread for you and for you only, on this Thread I will add your questions, comments….etc… received daily , as I can’t reply to all of you, I will group your best questions and comments on this thread and on this thread only with my answer each week.
I will start with the most asked question since the beggining of this Blog (last March 2013) :
1. Aviso, do you know when is the Warning ?
My Answer : No but
No : because nobody has been able to give me the exact year.
But : Due to my relationship in the village, some details are sometimes better than an answer but these details are not a date at all.
I want also to add an important detail : Our Lady in Garabandal chose 4 Seers, not only one, let me be clear again, 4 Seers.
Garabandal is not also books or phone calls only, you must know the village and the history of the Apparitions by heart, you must also visit Garabandal at least once in your life then you must be linked to the village and to have some contacts in the village, so any one who contact me with : I know someone who knows one of the seers and she told him….etc….my first question is : he was in Garabandal or not and if yes when ? I hope I am clear enough.
It’s now your Thread so don’t hesitate, next week an other asked question linked to the number of Popes and Garabandal.


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