Fr. Ramon Andreu’s Notes: Part Three, Post 64

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WHAT IS GARABANDAL?: Fr. Ramon Andreu’s Notes: Part Three, Post 64.

2nd Ecstasy—4:00-4:30AM—Mari Loli
All of us as mentioned before continued sitting in the kitchen. The girl lay on the bench near the stove but she didn’t sleep. She constantly asked for the time in her anxiety for the moment to arrive when she would see the Vision. One of the women who was there put her wristwatch on the girl with a little golden chain. The girl kept looking at it. She spoke very normally and laughed a lot, until around four when she removed the wristwatch and returned it to its owner with these words: “The Virgin doesn’t like me to wear things like this.” She knelt on the floor and added: “We’re going to pray a Station.” She began the prayer and all who were present answered. After she said the Hail Mary, she blessed herself, and when she finished she put her thumb to her mouth to kiss it. She fell into ecstasy with her arm raised and her thumb stayed near her mouth for a while. She stood up, lifted several things to be kissed, went out to the street and went toward the Church. She walked backwards at great speed and entered the house once again. She went up to the second floor, fell backwards on the floor with her head and upper back supported. Her toes were on the floor and her body was completely arched in the air. I demonstrated this by passing a cane underneath her. She spoke with the Vision: “If the Fontanedas come—and today Begoñita and her mother and also the Santa Marías—tell me something to say to her brother.” (She was having a conversation with Fr. Luís). “Why have you only stayed a short time? Kiss the cross before you go—but I can’t see you, so I won’t know if you’ve kissed it—have you kissed it already?” She spoke again with the Virgin and repeated—“Why have you stayed such a short time? There is a painter here who wants to know if you like the medal he’s made. He made you very ugly. Why do they make you so ugly on the holy cards when you are so beautiful? Oh! You like the medal! There is a woman here who is praying for her father who is sick. Don’t go. You have only been here half a minute! Stay another half minute and then it will be one minute.” She sat up and fell on her knees several times, hitting her knees very hard. She went downstairs and left the ecstasy smiling and she told us that she would see the Virgin again “later.”


  1. AD JESUM PER MARIAM. Pls keep us always posted.

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