Garabandal Questions/Answers from Aviso

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The Faces of the Children



From Aviso’s blog:


Your Questions/My Answers Update

8 Janvier 2014

Your Questions/My Answers Update

Your Questions/My Answers Update

Reminder, in my opinion we are living currently the End of Times announced in Garabandal with a pontificate full of confusions, I think it’s necessary to be fair and clear once and for all with all of you as you are also more and more to read this blog (thousands and thousands around the world, incredible, I still can’t believe), I have never thought that Garabandal is still in many hearts all around the world and you are right, none of you faithful of our Lady of Garabandal will be forgotten, I am sure our Lady will not forget none of you as long as we are living the Garabandal messages, it’s for me a certainty,thank you also for your support and for all your emails, between us no threats will have any impact on my way to lead and talk to all of you through this blog, Never be sure of that.


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  1. Dear Sir I am always interested in any information related to Garabandal and enjoy your emails. Just curious about comment about your thought about confusion surrounding pontificate of Pope Francis

    Thank you and God bless Lawrence canada

    • Hi Lawrence, Just so you know, I’m not the author of this post, Aviso is. If you go to the link provided you can ask him about his confusion regarding the pope. Thanks for reading my blog!

      *May the Virgin Mary, with her loving Child, bless us!”May the Lord grant all your prayers!” (Psalm 20)Deacon John*

      * *

      * †♥! *

  2. Hi, my name is Ramona Mckenzie and I live in Maine. My mom had a chance to meet and listen to Joey many years ago when he was still able. I am very interested in Garabandal and have often wondered why there is so much silence about it now. I once heard that Conchita was told that she would have forgotten the visitations fro the blessed Mother, if there were questions about what had happened back then. Do you feel that we are being made ready for the miracle and all to follow? Someone mentioned about Pope Francis. Can you explain to me what that is about. As much as I loved JP11 I am equally In love with Pope Francis and believe him to be a very holy man.
    I have a friend who put a deposit down on an airline for the trip to Garabandal and wonder about that too. He did this many many years ago and he is in his 80’s now. If I remember correctly we were supposed to have three days of notice to get there if we so desired. Can you just give me a little update? thank you very much and God bless you..

    • Hi Ramona! Thanks for commenting here. Well, Our Lady did say that before the Warning very few will believe, so maybe thats why we don’t hear much about Garabandal. But I try to promote and spread the Message and Events that happened there. I have a group on Facebook called Friends of Garabandal and I have 2 blogs with Garabandal stories. Many of us believe the Events that were prophecized will soon happen. As far as Pope Francis is concerned, many believe he will be the Pope of the Miracle. I pray for him daily. Yes Conchita will announce the miracle 8 or 9 days in advance so people can go there. God bless+

  3. Ed says:

    Who is the author and publisher of the book, “Garabandal” referred to on this site? It is listed as the source for quotes on Fr. Nieto S.J., Fr. Ciszek S.J. and others.

    • The book ‘Garabandal’ is authored by Jacques Serre and Beatrice Caux of France, translated by and published by The Workers of Our Lady of Mount Carmel of Garabandal, Australia. It is no longer published. This is Book 1 of a Trilogy but so far the other parts have not been published. ISBN2868397573

  4. jane Cerrone says:

    Hello, I was just wondering something, Conchita stated that she would contract Joey L. eight days before the miracle. Joey has passed away in his 80’s. Conchita assumed he would be alive during the miracle so does this mean that the miracle is just around the corner since he was already in his 80’s?

  5. Ed Kelly says:

    In one of the Garabandal books, I think by Josepha Gallego, Conchita is cited as saying that it was her opinion that the Virgen meant new physical eyes for Joey. With that in mind, when thinking how to get the message out about the miracle, it would have been natural for Conchita to plan to contact Joey. When asked about the date of the Warning, I have always answerd, “Tonight.” To think we have longer to prepare to answer for all that we have done (wrong) and all the good we have failed to do, could well be a sin of presumption. Yes, the miracle is just around the corner.

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