I Wrote to Padre Pio

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15 Janvier 2014

I Wrote to Padre Pio

Remembering now specific cases, I want to refer to the talks that Conchita maintained with Padre Pio, the capuchin saint of Pietrelcina, who is so linked to Garabandal.
So many things have been said… It have been affirmed that Conchita was never with Padre Pio. It is worth it that I should tell something about it. During the years I spent in our school of El Escorial, I was in charge of our former students. On one occasion, one of them told me that she had been in Garabandal and that she had even seen the girls going down the pines walking backguards. We were to broaden the conversation and she came with another former pupil and two friends who had not studied at our school. I told them many things, while illustrating them with photos from my files. When I spoke of her trip to Italy to see Padre Pio, organized by Cecilia de Borbón, I showed them a photograph of Conchita at the Coliseum in Rome, in a group with Aniceta, her mother, with Father Luna, Cecilia of Borbón and another lady. And it was then that one of the guests to our meeting, one of the two who were not former students, stated that the young lady in question that appeared in the photo was her, then working as secretary of Cecilia de Borbón.
Obviously, Conchita communicated with Padre Pio. For this reason, I wrote to Padre Pio from the school and he replied briefly on January 19, 1968. I keep his reply as a precious relic from one of the greatest saints of the Church of all times.
Interview of Mother Maria Nieves Garcia in 2012, Sister of the Order of the Immaculate Conception, she was directress of the school in Burgos that Conchita attended in 1966-67. She had several interviews with the visionary and recorded them all in a memoir. Mother Nieves and Conchita have remained good friends ever since.
The Full interview below :

My Comment : Padre Pio was without any possible doubt linked to Garabandal, Heaven chose Padre Pio to authenticate his message and the Apparitions of our Lady in Garabandal, knowing beforehand that the Church will not do it before the Warning, Heaven did not choose anyone but the first Priest to bear the wounds of Christ in his flesh, one of our Greatest Saints of all times, even if Padre Pio did not confirmed directly the Apparitions due to his famous and undeniable obedience to the church, we have many and many evidence proving his Love and his confidence in our Lady of Garabandal, he even wrote back to Mother Nieves Garcia in 1968, the last year of his life, we know also that Padre Pio was quite weakened during his last year as we know also that he was still receiving many and many correspondence from around the world, with this testimony from Sister Nieves, Padre Pio even weakened still has been able to write back to a Sister from Spain regarding Garabandal, who can image that a Great Saint Like Padre Pio, sick and weakened and few months before his “death” (Sept 1968) only could lose his precious time replying back to a letter regarding a supposedly false Apparition, surely no one of good faith.
Below some other evidence of Padre Pio and Garabandal, from the Beginning to the end of the Apparitions and until his “death” :
– 1961 :
First Meeting between Joey Lomangino, one of our Greatest Garabandalist, and Padre Pio
– 1962 :
Padre Pio wrote to the 4 girls of Garabandal, blessing them, he did not signed his letter but he did not need it, when one of the Girls showed the letter to our Lady, the Mother of God confirmed that the Letter was from Pio, with this confirmation, we’ve got our signature, the greatest one and from Heaven directly. He also sent to the Girls a copy of the Holy Rosary of Fatima linking the 2 Apparitions.
– 1963 :
Second Meeting between Joey Lomangino and Padre Pio who confirmed the Apparitions of Garabandal to Joey.
– 1964 :
Second letter from Padre Pio to the girls of Garabandal
– 1966 :
Meeting between Conchita and Padre Pio before her meeting in Vatican
– 1967 :
Padre Pio in Garabandal by Bilocation, confirmed by Father Laffineur and few others from the village, testimonies included in the archives sent to Rome
– 1968 :
Padre Pio replied briefly to Mother Nieves Garcia confirming his communication with Conchita
– 1968 :
Meeting between Joachim Bouflet and Padre Pio who confirms again the Apparitions of our Lady in Garabandal to him, Joachim worked with the Congregation for the Causes of Saints in Rome as a consultant to the postulators of causes for persons being considered for beatification. Latter he has been appointed consultor for the cause of French stigmatist, Marta Robin who believed also in Garabandal. Joachim Bouflet was not linked in no way to Garabandal, he confirmed the Apparitons of our Lady of Garabandal after his meeting with Padre Pio only, in 2000, He wrote also the famous book “les Faussaires de Dieu”.
– 1968 :
Padre Pio saw the Great Miracle of Garabandal before his death confirmed by Father Cennamo who was in charge to give to Conchita the Veil who cover his face after his death.
Anyone can check himself all these facts, we know also that” the enemy” of our Lady of Garabandal claimed that all these facts regarding Padre Pio and Garabandal are from Promoters of the Apparitions, this is not true, Joachim Bouflet, Mother Teresa (te Dua Nona), Marthe Robin (the French Stigmatized), Father Pel, Mother Angelica … etc…were in no way Promoters of Garabandal, so let me add this answer to finish this article :
No one of course is obliged to believe in our Lady of Garabandal but some should knows also that attacking these Apparitions could have some consequences as well, who knows ? it would be preferable and in doubt, to refrain and to wait for the final judgment from the Church, hopefully quite soon now.


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