Garabandal International Magazine: Jan – Mar 2014

Posted: February 3, 2014 in Uncategorized

This is a great magazine for us believers in the Garabandal Events!



Hello everyone, it has been a whirlwind of activities whizzing us through the last few months, and in Malaysia we are still in the midst of the 15-day observation of the Lunar New Year.  On this note, we take the opportunity to wish one and all a blessed New Year!

With the good Lord watching over us, we are deeply grateful for all the blessings showered on our family and friends in 2013. We continue to pray for peace in the world and for God’s guidance in all we do, through the year ahead.


If you have not already read the online version of the quarterly issue of the Garabandal International magazine, please click here for the January-March 2014 issue.

Some of the articles in this issue are:

Unless You Become As Little Children

A Word From The Holy Father – Pope Francis

The Fifth Marian Dogma


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  1. Bernard Tissier says:

    Je vous partage une découverte qui n’est peut-être qu’une simple coïncidence : Garabandal 4 juillet 1961, la Sainte Vierge explique le message de l’écriteau de l’ange aux petites filles. Garabandal 18 octobre 1961 publication du message (si nous ne changeons pas le châtiment sera très grand) Union soviétique 10 juillet 1961 décision de fabriquer une bombe de forte puissance Union soviétique 30 octobre 1961 essai de la tsar bomba à seulement la moitié de son potentiel A Garabandal et Medjugorje la Vierge a dit qu’il n’y aura pas de troisième guerre mondiale Est-ce à cause de notre sagesse ou parce que Dieu l’empêchera par le châtiment Jésus a dit, je résume “si ces jours n’étaient abrégés nul n’aurait la vie sauve mais ils seront abrégés” j’en parle sur

    • Google translation: I will share a discovery that is perhaps a mere coincidence: Garabandal July 4, 1961, the Blessed Virgin says the message of the sign of the angel to girls. Garabandal October 18, 1961 publication of the message (if we do not change the punishment will be very large) Soviet Union July 10, 1961 decision to build a powerful bomb Soviet Union October 30, 1961 the Tsar Bomba test only half of its potential A Garabandal and Medjugorje Our Lady told that there will be no World War III Is it because of our wisdom or because God will prevent the punishment Jesus said, I summarize “if those days were Speed ​​nobody could spared but they will be shortened “I speak on

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