The Garabandal Great Miracle Televised ?

Posted: March 6, 2014 in Uncategorized

WHAT IS GARABANDAL?: The Garabandal Great Miracle Televised ?.

The Garabandal Great Miracle Televised ?

The Garabandal Great Miracle Televised ?

looks that some announced here and there and since years now that the
Garabandal Great Miracle could be televised, I just listen an interview
yesterday sent to me where it’s still confirmed, something between us I
was not aware and when it’s about Garabandal I am quite well informed,
so I decided today to call Bastiano, one of my best Garabandalist
friend, his mother as you know now was also the godmother of one of
Conchita’s child, so he is well informed about Garabandal as welL and he
talk to Conchita few weeks ago only, we were together last summer in
Garabandal and I thank him again to accept my apologies for our
disagreement, so I asked Bastiano is he was aware and If he had any
confirmation that the Garabandal Great Miracle could be Televised, below
his answer to my questions :

Bastiano : Brother,
maybe some medias could record the Garabandal Great Miracle as we will
be aware of the exact date from Conchita and as you know 8 days before
but our Lady said clearly that the sick, unbelievers and the others MUST
BE in Garabandal for the Great Miracle and to get any Graces from
Heaven, so you may watch on Tv, internet or whatever the Garabandal
Great Miracle but you will not get any Graces from Heaven if you are not
in Garabandal.

Comment : It’s what I was already aware and I thank again Bastiano for
his answers, so if you want to get any Graces from Heaven or if you are
sick, unbelievers or whatever, you must be in Garabandal and in
Garabandal only to see the Great Miracle and nowhere else, you may watch
the Great Miracle on your TV or internet but you will not get any
Graces from heaven from your homes and it should be clear once and for



  1. I find it reaaly unfair for those who are unfit to move to Garabandal at the right time. Besides we are on the edge of a nuclear war which could happen very soon in Europe, due to the fact that Mother Russia is arming his long range supersonic bomber with nuclear missiles ready to strike the Western powers eager to invade Ukraine. Hence times are really becoming dangerous and could rapidly deteriorate into a full blown conflict between the lunatics in Wasington and the fanatics in Moscow. Besides the senator Mac Cain is multiplying provocations against China; predicting the happening of the “Arab Spring” in this country in the next following weeks or months at the latest, which could prompt a nuclear response as well towards the Asian allies of the United States. Maybe this event in Garabandal has already happened without getting noticed. Anyway, there will be so few people alive in Europe after the soon to happen WW3, that most of the people won’t need anymore to be healed, as they will have already joined the Heaven or the Hell depending on their faith in Christ.

    • Well, Nicolas, Our Lady did say that there would NOT be a World War III. Also, the Warning will come when the world is at it’s worst. After that will come the Miracle. So peace will reign just before the Miracle so many can go there to be healed. I myself will enjoy watching the Events on EWTN-TV. Be at peace, God is in control!

  2. Are you sure?: I;don’t like what I see. Markets are collapsing fast in Russia and China and the mounting social tensions are increasingly menacing everywhere. temptation could be strong for reckless governments to find an exit through a nuclear war which would prompt the mutual destruction of the US and its adversaries.

    • Yes I’m sure! That’s why Our Lady came to us, to give us hope and not to despair! At Fatima Our Lady promised an ‘era of peace’, so hang in there and enjoy the unfolding of God’s plan!!!

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