Blessed is your Name Joey Lomangino

Posted: June 19, 2014 in Uncategorized

WHAT IS GARABANDAL?: Blessed is your Name Joey Lomangino.

Blessed is your Name Joey Lomangino –

From Aviso:

My dear Brothers, today is a Special Day for all of us and especially for all the Garabandalist, yes, we have lost one of our Great Garabandalist if not the greatest one, a soldier of our Lady of Garabandal, a man of Faith who bring Garababandal to the world through is New York Center, Joey Lomangino himself, as I said to my brother Glenn, in 2010 a person from the Village told me about this possibility, that time it was also for me difficult to understand the reason but now 4 years later, it’s easier and a Great sign of the proximity of the events after the works around the Pines.

Of course we have to wait now and more than ever and from those who were waiting for this kind of news strong attacks but we will receive any attacks as a blessing Cross, so I, Aviso and before God want to reconfirm despite this news about Joey that Garabandal is not only true but the main Key of the next months and years, what we will see with our own eyes will prove itself, I think today also about Conchita but I am not worry for her at all, especially the fact knowing that our Lady of Fatima will take care of her, she has only 1 last cross regarding Garabandal and surely she will take this Cross till the end then we will meet each others at the 9 pines soon but there at the 9 Pines only.


  1. ADRIENNE says:

    Would you ask the family if they would allow the prayer side of Joey’s memorial card, to be printed in What is Garabandal, so that people around the world cour have a copy? Many thanks. Adrienne Kraut

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