A Synod before the Warning UPDATE –

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A Synod before the Warning UPDATE – garabandalnews.overblog.com.

A Synod before the Warning UPDATE

A Synod Before the Warning

08 June 2014

I was aware few years ago about an information confirming an Important Synod before the Garabandal Warning, a week ago Raymond one of our readers, sent to me this video in Spanish below where we can listen Mother Maria de las Nieves Garcia, who was the superior of the School in Burgos where Conchita studied during the Year 1966 to 1967 and they are still close today, confirming also this information, this official testimony from Mother Garcia is to be taken seriously, in my opinion as Garabandal first of all is Eucharistic and about the Holy Eucharist, if an Important Synod has been indicated to the main Seer of Garabandal as a Pre-Warning sign, I will not be surprised that this Important Synod could be linked also to the Holy Eucharist but since the Apparitions, we had already many Synods, so this Synod could be particularly and very important, different from other, otherwise our Lady would not have spoken about it, a Synod which could create a Schism ? as a Schism is also indicated as another Pre-Warning sign and this could explain why our Lady talked about ? that’s the question.


More About The Next Synod

04 September 2014

Now Back to Garabandal, if our Lady had indicated a Synod before the Warning, it must be for a good reason as for the number of Popes then the end of Times, we are also aware of a Schism before the events, the travel of a Pope in Moscow, as of an invasion (or a war) in which Communism played a great part which will cause persecution and it will be very hard for priests to say Mass or for people to open the doors of the churches, even the Pope will have to hide like everbody else, so below and as a reminder again, the Pre-Warning signs :

1. A Synod

2. A Schism

3. A War or an invasion in which Communism played a great part and persecution

4. A Pope in Moscow

5. The Warning

So we must live these events before the Warning.

  1. gmr5 says:

    There have been more than 25 synods since Vatican II. The way I understand it, the one mentioned at Garabandal would involve bishops from BOTH orthodox and Catholic churches. Western synods usually happen in October, it seems. The one that is allegedly announced at Garabandal is in the Spring and coincides with the Miracle. The Russian orthodox bishop Kirill has called for a special gathering of both Greek, Russian and other orthodox bishops in Moscow sometime in 2016. but there is no way at this time of knowing if it would be successful since orthodox bishops consider themselves equal in their function and no one bishop can ‘order’ any of the others to participate in a council. If it is successful in the sense that all would be willing to participate in the event, perhaps this is the synod that is mentioned at Garabandal. Perhaps this is also the one that the pope would be invited to.

  2. Jack Gielen says:

    The anti zionists promote upside down policies supporting gays,the two mummies and dadies,moslem extremists and superior race communist fascism.Putin and Russia being black listed is also a part of their diabolical plan in spite of the fact that Russia is the most religious country in the world . Putin dislikes the evil decadant European union and western culture.God could use him to discipline us.Churches in Irac are already being burnt down and Christian children beheaded 60000 christians a year are killed for their faith.In New Zealand right wing fascism is causing the shooting of Government workers.The threat of Government induced terrorism is already here and growing.The enemy within is subtle and all pervasive like a mad dream were all involved in.It would appear the Judgement of lukewarm false christianity has already begin.I believe the prophecies need to be real and up to date with what is really happening in the earth today.

  3. Nanny says:

    Well, we just had one.

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