The Garabandal News Top 10 –

Posted: December 13, 2014 in Uncategorized

The Garabandal News Top 10 –


As Christmas is close and to reward you for your fidelity, according to my stats,The 10 most Popular articles of Garabandal News below, you were thousands around the world to read these articles, thank you again for your support and for your confidence :

1Garabandal Russia Breaking News :

2The Garabandal Pines Protected :

3A Synod before the Warning :

4. The Garabandal Eucharist Martyr :

5Pope or Antipope :

6The Years of Truth :

7. Garabandal Fact and Rumors :

8A Pope in Moscow and A Pope in Rome :

9Who is like God in Garabandal :

10Your Last comments/My answers :

My Comment : Garabandal is still in life despite the years, thanks God, many still follow our Lady of Mount Carmel, for my part and with this blog, I tried to bring back Garabandal on the news with a new touch, of course sometimes with some speculation and controversy but I did it knowingly, as I said I am not alone and when I have a doubt or a question, I still know where and who to call.

And Now ? well now remain in state of Grace, live the Garabandal messages, it’s in my opinion the more important and for the rest don’t worry, everything is in the hands of God, thank you again.


  1. Ulrike Mueller says:


    thank you for your site. Do you know why no link to Aviso´s site

    and all the information there about Garbandal is not reachable? His site seemes to be down and all inforamtions seemes to be deleted.

    thank you for information and sorry for my english

    Ulrike Mueller / Cologne

  2. Mary Valente says:

    I pray that this site stays open. I pray that the clergy including Pope Francis wake up! In the name of Jesus Christ. Meantime we have to spread the word in our own ways. The time is near.

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