About Me . . .

What’s to say about me? Well, I’m 76 years old, retired with my wife Marianne, and we were living in a condo in Central Florida. I was born in Manhattan (New York Hospital) but lived my childhood in Astoria, Queens. My wife lived one block away but we never met until I was about 21 years old. I enlisted in the US Navy in 1954 and served aboard 2 Aircraft Carriers, the Bennington and the Leyte. After 3 and a half years I was discharged and I worked in many different jobs. My favorite job was as a motorcycle courier for the local TV News Stations and U.P.I. I got paid to do something I loved, riding a Harley!
I met my wife through her cousin and we married and had 6 children; 2 were still-born. We now have 9 grandchildren! Most of them are living in New York and Pennsylvania.

In 1987 I was ordained a deacon for the Diocese of Brooklyn and served in four parishes until 2002, when we relocated to Florida. Mainly because we couldn’t afford to live in NYC and for my wife’s health, she needed a home of her own. She has ‘end stage kidney failure’ and is expected to go on dialysis soon. Our daughter helped us buy the condo and answered my prayers that we could have our own home. Blessed be God forever!

Last March (2012) Marianne had a congested heart attack and almost died. The doctors at Florida Hospital saved her life! In May we relocated back North to be near our 8 grandchildren and are enjoying the cold weather 🙂

I no longer work a part-time job and it’s tough to pay for my wife’s medical expenses (the medications and doctor visits). I miss New York with all the excitement and places to go. And the beautiful churches! I also love the Old Latin Mass. My new parish is 5 minutes away from where we live and I’m able to get to daily Mass. I help out at the parish a little but my main job is taking care of my wife and her needs, which are plenty. I’m like a full-time nurse!!!

Marianne, my spouse of 52 years has gone to the Lord! On August 9th, after 3 weeks in the hospital, after suffering a stroke and a series of cardiac arrests, she was placed in a hospice for one day. We buried her on August 14, 2013, at Queen of Peace cemetery. Her long illness and suffering is over and now she is in peace.  I’m sure Marianne is in heaven praying for us! She was a good Catholic woman, who did a lot for the unborn since the very beginning of the Pro-Life cause. She went to the March For Life every year, dragging our kids, and me along. She also went on bus trips to Albany, New York, to speak with our legislators about being pro-life and ending abortion. Marianne did many other “Good Works” for the Lord and helped many people in her charity. I miss her and will be so happy to join her in heaven when it’s my time!!! May her soul and all the souls of the faithful departed rest in peace+  

  1. Mervyn says:

    A very detailed and interesting website about Garabandal and our Bl. Mother. Congrats. Keep it up & God Bless YOu and Your Family. Your Brother Mervyn in Christ.

  2. Donna says:

    There is a Latin Mass in Ocala FL on Sunday at 6PM at Queen of Peace Catholic Church,6455 S.W. State Rd. 200, Ocala 34476. It is the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter.

  3. Donna says:

    Your very welcome Deacon John! We belong to the one here in Sarasota, FL. Our pastor drives up there every Sunday to celebrate the Mass. Also, you can watch our Mass live daily online at our church. Mass times are 9AM daily, and 8:30 and 10:30 on Sundays.

    Here is the link http://www.livemass.net/LiveMass/Live.html

    Christ the King Catholic Church website is: Christthekingsarasota.org

    We were very blessed that the Bishop allowed the Fraternity to start a parish here!
    God bless you, Donna

  4. grapelove says:

    Sincere condolences on the loss of beloved Marianne, Joey. I met you both in London many, many years ago and will always remember her beautiful sweetness and transparent love of God. May the Lord and Padre Pio console you and your family in your great loss.
    Love and prayers

    • Hi Mary, just to clarify, Marianne was my wife of 52 years, not Joey’s and the last time I was in London was 1956 as a single young sailor! 🙂
      But thanks for your prayers anyway. Gos bless+
      Deacon John

  5. grapelove says:

    Ahhh! I thought it was Joey’s wife, but my same condolences to you too. She sounds a very special and beautiful soul from your description. Bless you!
    Love and prayers

  6. Alessandro says:

    Very good site!!! Well done!!!!

    I’m an italian boy. So i’m not good in english…

    I’ve read some of your posts! Very interesting! But i have one doubt…. DO YOU KNOW THAT POPE FRANCIS I IS THE FIRST POPE OF THE END OF TIMES (and not, as many people belive, Benedict xvi)?????

    I have found, in internet, that the Virgin Mary said to Conchita that after Pope John XXIII, there would be 3 Popes left before the end of times. But Conchita said that, to be precise, there would be 4 Popes, not 3!!
    4 because, said Conchita, the Virgin Mary dosen’t metter one Pope because there will be a pope who’s reing will last for a very very short period.

    So, according this information, the 3 Popes before the end of times are:

    1. PAOLO VI

    2. GIOVANNI PAOLO II (Giovanni Paolo i dosen’t metter)


    I have found this information here, at the end of the articol (find the paragraph “La profezia dei tre papi”):


    TAHNK YOU!:)

  7. Mark & Anne says:

    Thank you for this site, Deacon John. My wife and I very much appreciate all that you do!

  8. Leslie Rabbitt says:

    Thank you Deacon John for this website and for your service to the Body of Christ! You and your dearly departed wife are truly of “The Greatest Generation.” I just started reading the 3-part books “She went in haste to the mountain” and discovering the Garabandal apparitions. Once again a Mother begging for her children to convert. May we all obtain Grace from Jesus Christ to follow Him!

    Is Mr. Lomangino still alive? Wishing you peace and all goodness in Jesus Christ through the Immaculate Heart of Mary! Leslie Rabbitt

  9. John Murphy Ireland says:


    Hi John , glad you love the Latin Mass, me too, it’s so reverent.

  10. I watched the video on the faces of the children thought it was brilliant. What impressed me most was the levitation experienced by one of the girls which is a miraculous sign.The testimony by the Garabandal Lady reprisentative spoke to me as one of the girls has had a traumatic life of redemptive suffering on behalf of the church forseen by The blessed virgin.So often we go through heavy experiences in life not realizing the crosses given us to carry.The kissing of the crucifix by Our Lady also touched me.Evidently the sacred objects have healed numerous people another sign..Ezek 45 9 refers to the Prince and the Princely community speaking of The Glorified Corporate Son the Manchild company Christ, Michael and the holy ones.We can see an Omega transitional paradigm shift.beginning to occur ..As we watch Israel we can see the day of darkness begin to descend on the whole world.Who were the revolutionaries the priests were hiding from were they pro fascist Franco supporters or freedom fighters opposed to the Nazi regeme.History carries on repeating itself as we see this right wing totalitarian facist regeme making a comeback right around the world.

  11. Hi Deacon John, in a few days the first death anniversary of your wife Marianne will come. Certainly I will think about you and pray for her soul! I was looking for some updates on Conchita Gonzalez, and reached at your blog and found who you are and what you do.

    Though I never been in Garabandal, I believe it is real for various reasons, and one day, I hope, I will be able to go there! Thank you for all that you and your wife have been doning for our Lord and our Bl. Mother and for all the precious “unborn” !

    With my prayers and wishes of the Feast of the Assumption!

    Fr. Joe

  12. Dr Thomas B. Lucente says:

    You bring a flood of blessed memories ! My days with Joey and the House in Lindenhurst. So many beautiful And holy people. I left LI in 1974 but never forget Garabandal, Joey, Conchita and our trip there. He and Our Lady changed my life. I am now active in St Thomas More parish in Lynchburg Virginia after living in Florida for 25 years. I prayer every day for the gurls, for Joey (now gone to his reward) and that the wor
    Ld would heed he message. God bless you..in my prayers.

  13. Dr Thomas B. Lucente says:

    Forgive the errors….IOS is tough to type!

  14. Thanks Tom. I’m sure we met because I was very active with Joey and at the Center in the early 70’s. We moved to Florida in 79, returning in 83. I was ordained in 87. Then we returned to Florida in 2002. Marianne died in 2012 and now I live in the Pocono’s with my children & grand-kids! We always prayed for Joey and all the Workers and families. God bless+

    • Ana says:

      Hello Deacon, my name is Ana. I just found your web page 2 days ago! I was trying to look for some updates on Jacinta Gonzales. I know she lived in California. Do you know where she can be contacted at? Any email? It will be a blessing to talk to her. I do travel to California.

      Thank you, I hope you can help.
      God Bless you.

      I will keep reading more about Garabandal.

      • Hi Ana, Jacinta Gonzales one of the Garabandal seers married Jeff Moynihan and they reside in California. Jacinta rarely talks publicly and is a private family person. She offers her daily duties as a wife and a mother as a means of personal sanctification. I do not have their home address. Perhaps, if you go to http://www.garabandal.us they could help you. God bless+

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